Friends of Concord Park & Woolley Wood


On Friday nd February we are planting  snowdrop bulbs in Concord
Park and we want to give you the opportunity to plant these lovely
little bulbs and leave a lasting legacy in the park.

We’ll be meeting in the bottom carpark near Woolley Wood (Concord
Road entrance) at 9.30am.  Don’t worry if you can’t spend much time –
even an hours help will be really appreciated.  All tools will be
provided but wrap up warm and wear good quality footwear. It’s still
only February

Woodland Management and Working Horses in Woolley Wood.

                                                   On a bitterly cold but sunny January
Saturday in Woolley Wood, Max Hibbert and his assistant Ousmany, from
the Green Estate based at Manor in Sheffield, were present with
Freddie, a 3 year old Belgian Ardennes breed of working horse, to carry
out woodland management in the wood.

Max said it was only Freddies' 2nd ever job, yet he performed admirably,
pulling the heavy logs of felled timber through the wood to the
clearing near the entrance on Ecclesfield Road. Belgian Ardennes work
horses have a lifespan of 20 years. They weigh on average 1,650 kilos
(259+ stones!), are 16.1 hands tall and can pull up to three quarters of
a ton in weight, depending upon the distance involved. The work they do
is completely natural, it being low in carbon, low impact and perfect
for a green environment. This avoids heavy plant and machinery being
used and damaging the locality. They are also very strong and beautiful
animals, certain to attract visitors wherever they are used. Freddie is
owned by Max, and they are much in demand in the area, having contracts
with the local council for various work in Sheffield. 


The timber extracted from the woodland as part of this project will be
used to heat biomass boilers in schools throughout Sheffield by
Silvapower Ltd. 


Further information on Woolley Wood, including a site leaflet can be
found on Sheffield City Council Website. Alternatively contact the City
Council Woodlands team on Tel: 2500500.


Unfortunately  this year there will be no Bluebell Festival, owing to the lack of funding. In consequence of this the school children of Shiregreen will be deprived of the opportunity to learn about the ancient woodland that is Woolley Wood. How the wood got it's name, the history that links it to Coventry, Ecclesfield Priory, King Henry VIII, the Earls of Shrewbury and the Duke of Norfolk.

Also the trades that were carried out in the woodland by our forefathers, coppicing for basket and broom making oak trees for pit props also their bark used by tanners to help cure leather, the wood of the alder tree is easy to work with and waterproof  ideal for making clog soles. And for centuries the wood provided the fuel (charcoal) made by the charcoal burners in the wood,this was for the local iron and steel industry.

At the festival the children had a chance to see and be involved, ask questions of the people who can still practice many of the skills of woodland work.

The Bluebell Festival was far more than than a walk through a bluebell wood as beautiful as Woolley Wood is, it was educational and the last day was a great family day out.

it will be sadly missed April 2014.

  A great opportunity to get free sports coaching you can choose Football, Tennis Basketball or try all three.
  Sheffield Wednesdays community programme in partnership with Premier League 4 Sport and Sanctuary Housing.
  Where to join in, Concord Park on the new games area, any Tues.Wed.or Thurs. morning 10.30am and 1.30pm
  Sessions are also held on Sat. mornings 10.30am-12.00  This is until the 30th Aug. Why not go along and join in.

  A big thank you to SWFC, Premier Leaque 4 Sport and Sanctuary for providing these sports session.

 Heritage Day 13th Sept the Cruck Barn will be open to visitors from 11.00am-4.30.

 This day proved to be a success, many people came from across Sheffield to see the Barn and appreciate the structure of such 
 buildings, there are not many such examples left. Simon Dore head of the Rangers based at the Cruck Barn gave a very interesting talk, 
 and refreshments were enjoyed by all the visitors.


We shall continue to carry on with the restoration of the Concord Park Shrubberies, on the groups work morning with any volunteers who would like to help.
 Also some planting on the mini meadow was carried out last autumn. the group hope to see this develop further, with a small amount of funding from Sanctuary Housing we have been able to engage the services of the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust.

  A review of last year has seen a great deal of work carried out by the friends group in the park. Having set up a Stewardship scheme
  with the parks and countryside, the friends group with the help of a ranger have worked hard at restoring the shrubberies in the park over
  the year. The stewardship scheme allows for volunteers to work at maintaining the flower beds.
   Unfortunately the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust are not able to carry out our contract with them owing to staff levels at this
   time. So we shall continue to plant wild flowers in the bowling green to develop a wild flower meadow.

   In Jan the Wolf sculpture created by Jason Thomson for the children's playground was unveiled by David Blunkett MP.
   The friends group thank Community Awards, Graves Trust and the Sheffield Town Trust for funding this project.
   Sadly in Feb the small all-weather football pitch (very popular with young children and families) adjacent to the Concord Rd, car park was totally vandalised, a stolen car was crashed through barriers raced round causing damage and finally burnt out having caused  thousands of pounds of damage. As the parks have no money to replace owing to budget constraints we are looking for funding
 to replace this pitch.

March 16th Still looking for funding to replace this pitch.

The good news is that with Lottery funding that the group was awarded last year, we have set up a calender of events for all, with Activity Sheffield. These will be FREE and take place every Sat. 1.00-4.00 in Concord Park untill Aug.29th. near the Shiregreen Rd. entrance.

 The Bluebell Festival returned to the woodland, and again bluebells have carpeted our ancient wood, also the wild cherry trees add their fragile beauty to the woodland, later they will provide food for the bird population of the wood. 

  The year is rushing on, the work group are still restoring the shrubberies in the park with help from the Ranger Service. and again this year a group of 16 HSBC volunteers came to help. A great big thank you to them, as they say many hands make light work.

Activity Sheffield are in full swing, lots of activities along with the climbing tower. For more information ring 0114 273 4266

20wks of activities have come to an end. The Friends group thank the Big Lottery for funding that has enables the families and young people of the community to enjoy a range of activities organized by Activity Sheffield.


Dec. saw the groups last work morning of the year. We look back with satisfaction on the improvements to the shrubberies in the park, with the removal of the weed trees, brambles, weeds, and with the pruning of shrubs at the right time of year, this has resulted in many of the shrubs flower in spring and summer, then producing an abundance of berries this helps both insect and bird life, and also adds to the pleasure of a walk around the park. Previously the pruning carried out was in Nov. a team would come in a cut all shrubs down low, this just results in the shrubs being just green mounds and sterile.  The group have also replanted and installed a mowing strip to the triangle bed, we will also continue to maintain the large perennial beds. So 2016  will see us continuing with the work of helping to look after Concord Park.



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