Friends of Concord Park & Woolley Wood

The Friends of Concord Park would like to thank Adam Goodall and his team at Meersbrook Park, personally for their combined help and support in setting up this website. Thank you Adam.

  People are the life blood of voluntary groups who along with the Rangers help us look after Concord Park and Woolly Wood. It is always a pleasure to meet a new volunteer, so it was with Joe who is on long term placement with the Ranger Service from Hallam University. So we hope to have his help and skill with a chain saw again to help with the maintenance of the Shrubberies, that have been neglected for a long time so have many weed trees growing that need to be removed.

so from this to this
                                  THE WORK OF RESTORING THE SHRUBBERIES HAS BEGUN.



                 Nov 2013                                                                                             April 2014
                                                             A big thank you to these young people.

April the 5th Park Run did their usual Sat. morning run, then those who wanted to stay, got started with black bags and litter pickers and did a great job.After which they enjoyed toasted hot cross buns provided by the Friends Group. It was nice to hear that the park run people wanted to do something for the park that they enjoy running in THANK YOU Park Run.
But everyone can do their bit by not dropping litter dog owners picking up, also reporting any concerns to 2500500 then we are all friends of the park.


On the Friends Group Work morning these volunteers from HSBC did a great job removing weeds brambles and putting large amounts of mulch on the Shrubbery, a big thank you to this group for helping the Friends and the rangers in their effort to restore the Shrubberies in the Park.

                                               SWFC volunteers Aug work morning
   This group of young people from Sheffield Wednesdays volunteers helped the Friends Group on 
  our monthly work morning with the Ranger service, our aim is to restore the Shrubberies in the 
  park, so they set to work with a will removing bramble nettles an of course the litter that some
  that some people throw anywhere rather than take the trouble to bin it.


  The Fire Service Cadets came to the Friends group rescue we needed the mini meadow raking
  and all the grass removing, rather like hay making and just as hard work, our thanks to all.









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